Providing sound, lighting, backline, and stage management since 2009 for the Country Club Hills outdoor theater concert season. Featuring artists such as Toni Braxton, Smokey Robinson, Musiq Soulchild, Al Jarreau, and many, many others. A state-of-the-art line array concert audio system by D.A.S. provides CD quality sound in an outdoor environment. Artist and engineers have made several compliments on the sound quality provided.

Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarship Cruise Driven By Powersoft Amplifiers.

The Chicago, IL sound company Sound of Authority once again relied on Powersoft K6 and Q4004 amplifiers to drive the Main and Jazz sound stages for the Tom Joyner Foundation’s Fantastic Voyage benefit cruise. Held annually to raise money to help keep African American students in college, headliners from all walks of the music industry gathered on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas to support the week-long fundraising effort.

Due to the challenging electrical systems on board a ship, Powersoft’s capability to deliver full power and frequency response in a wide range of voltage conditions made the amplifiers the perfect choice for this application.  “We use Powersoft amplifiers for the Fantastic Voyage because one of the biggest problems we face on a cruise ship is inconsistent voltage,” said Ernie Greene, CEO of Sound of Authority and the production manager for the Fantastic Voyage cruise.   Click to Read full story

KUDO Lifted Up At New Life Covenant Oakwood’s Tabernacle

CHICAGO — When Pastor John Hanna of New Life Covenant Oakwood Church called upon Sound Of Authority President and CEO Ernest Greene to provide a sound system design for his 800-seat Tabernacle on Chicago’s south side, the loudspeaker choice was a simple one: L-ACOUSTICS KUDO.  Greene, himself the owner of several dozen KUDO enclosures for his successful concert sound company, knew that the arrays would be ideal for New Life’s East 78th Street parish because of the difficult acoustical nature of the room.  According to Project Manager Aaron Johnson, then with Integrity Systems, the integrator that Sound Of Authority brought into the project, “When we first came in, the Tabernacle had previously been an old Catholic church with lots of highly reflective surfaces and a reverb time of six seconds. With the installation of acoustic panels in the ceiling, carpeting on the floor and padded pews, the reverb was brought down to less than half that, but it was still a challenging environment. The adjustable directivity of the KUDO enclosure very effectively allowed us to focus the energy into the seating area and keep it off of the plaster, wood, marble and glass elements of the room.”  With the assistance of the L-ACOUSTICS US team in Oxnard, California, Sound Of Authority and Integrity Systems mapped out a SOUNDVISION model of the room that showed optimal coverage would be achieved via two six-KUDO arrays, left and right of the stage, powered by a total of four LA8 amplified controllers.  

Chicago, IL-based Sound of Authority, Inc., a provider of sound reinforcement services for concerts and special events and a design/build firm for the installed sound market, was contracted to provide the sound system at the Country Club Hills Theater. Ernest Greene, Sound of Authority’s President and CEO, deployed a brand new SR setup consisting of D.A.S. Audio’s Aero 50 line array enclosures and LX-218 subwoofers from the Aero Series 2 product group, augmented by Aero-12A line array modules for side fill. He discussed the challenges of providing sound at the venue. “This is our third season handling sound services for the Country Club Hills Theater,” Greene explained. “While our client has always been happy with the sound reinforcement services we’ve provided, I’m always looking to improve upon what we’ve done previously and this led to the purchase of our new D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 system. The Aero 50 offers a higher output level than what we used previously and this made it that much easier to provide consistent coverage throughout the audience areas.”